Another New York State resident was injured in a lawn mower accident

Another New York State resident was injured in a lawn mower accident

Just one week after a woman was killed when a mower fell on her, another New York State resident was injured in a mowing accident. Firefighters say the incident occurred Sunday afternoon after they responded to a call for help.

Last week, the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office said a woman from Victor, New York, was killed when she was pinned under a lawn mower.

A woman was killed last week in New York State

The investigation said the woman came off a 5-foot retaining wall while mowing the lawn on Friday, WROC reported. Police say the machine landed on top of her, pinning her to the ground. The lawnmower caused internal injuries to the woman, and the local coroner pronounced her dead, WROC reports.

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A second person in New York State was injured in a riding mower accident

The Clyde Galen Fire District told WROC that a riding mower driver was injured after the machine slid down a steep embankment in the Village of Clyde Sunday afternoon.

WROC says firefighters were able to pull the person from the machine, before handing him over to EMS and transporting him to a nearby medical center with non-life-threatening injuries.

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How to prepare your garden for fall

You can keep up with it all summer long. Watering, sowing, fertilizing, mowing, chopping – it seems like a never-ending chore that is intrinsically thankless. Perhaps that is why, at the first sign of colorful leaves on the trees and temperatures dropping, many quickly abandon the task of lawn care.

And who can blame those who give up lawn care right after Labor Day and school starts; Cutting the grass isn’t really fun to begin with, and those extra steps needed to ensure a green, lush lawn (fertilizer and straw) are just more work than many care to undertake.

But completely ignoring your garden during the fall isn’t the best course of action — especially if you want a nice springtime look.

Fortunately, fall lawn care isn’t much different than what you’ve been doing all summer. Here are some good tips for getting your garden ready for hibernation over the winter and getting it back into shape once spring arrives.

Gallery source: Steve Tanko

More fatal lawn mower accidents in New York

Such incidents can happen more often than you think. In September, a 74-year-old Binghamton man was killed after he drove his lawn mower into the road and collided with a motorcycle, according to WIVT.

Just a few days later, a 65-year-old Seneca Falls man was killed when an SUV hit the mower he was riding in, according to WHAM. Another similar accident claimed the life of a person on a mower in Portland, New York, in July, WNY News Now reported.

A 12-foot skeleton blows up a New York park year-round after some “Karen” complained.

Gallery Credit: Credit – Polly McAdams

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