An off-duty Los Angeles police officer has died after a two-vehicle crash in Northridge

An off-duty Los Angeles police officer has died after a two-vehicle crash in Northridge

A car crashed into an apartment building following a two-vehicle crash in Northridge, killing two people and injuring three others.

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An off-duty Los Angeles police officer died early Saturday morning after his car was struck in a Northridge intersection by a speeding driver who ran a red light.

Later in the morning, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore spoke outside the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s medical examination facility in Boyle Heights to announce the death of Officer Darrell Cunningham.

Another woman, an unidentified passenger in Cunningham’s white Infiniti, was also killed in the collision, while the backseat passenger, an off-duty San Bernardino sheriff’s deputy, was transported to the hospital for her injuries. Chief Moore said they were all lifelong friends.

Los Angeles firefighters responded to the crash site at the intersection of Lindley Street and Roscoe Street around 1:20 a.m., where they found a severed fire hydrant along with a black BMW wedged in front of an apartment building and a mangled Infiniti in the street.

Debris was scattered at the accident site, while firefighters worked amid pumping water to free three people trapped inside the vehicles, including the 20-year-old suspected driver.

Chief Moore said that based on the preliminary investigation, Cunnigham’s vehicle was struck in the intersection by a black BMW that was traveling over the speed limit, approximately 100 mph. Because he ran a red light.

The driver “appeared to be under the influence of alcohol,” Moore said.

The female passenger in the suspicious car was able to get out on her own. All the others were trapped by the force of the collision and the damage it sustained.

Paramedics pronounced Cunningham and his passenger dead at the scene. The three survivors of the accident are receiving treatment in hospital for their injuries. The suspected driver is unconscious and in critical condition according to Chief Moore. The off-duty San Bernardino deputy suffered a broken hip and other injuries. The female passenger who exited Oliveri’s car is said to have been seriously injured but is expected to survive.

Officer Cunningham is survived by his fiancée, his two sons, ages 6 and 3, his mother, and two other siblings.

Chief Moore said the 20-year-old driver will be booked on gross vehicular manslaughter and additional charges as more evidence is collected.

“Los Angeles Police Department, we are mourning his loss as well as his colleague who was a passenger in this vehicle. In speaking with those who were at the scene, these were all individuals who were known to each other as lifelong friends,” Moore said.

This is a developing story.

LAPD officers arrive at the site of the deadly Northridge crash, preparing the flag

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