‘An arrogant and completely classless individual’: Sreesanth’s sermon in Gambhir | cricket

‘An arrogant and completely classless individual’: Sreesanth’s sermon in Gambhir |  cricket

Former India bowler Sreesanth on Thursday claimed that his former teammate Gautam Gambhir accused him of being a “fixer” during a League of Legends cricket match. The incident occurred in an elimination match between the Indian Capitals and Gujarat Giants, which led to a verbal altercation between the players, which necessitated the intervention of the referees to calm the situation. Sreesanth was initially banned by the BCCI over his alleged involvement in the spot-fixing scandal in the 2013 IPL, and the ban was reduced to seven years in 2019 by the Supreme Court of India.

S Sreesanth and Gautam Gambhir had a heated exchange at LLC 2023 (Screengrab)

After the match, Sreesanth went live on Instagram to talk about the incident in great detail, accusing Gambhir of using “bad words” and being disrespectful. Interestingly, the former India opener did not directly respond to Sreesanth’s claims but made a vague post on his official social media platforms.

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“Smile when the whole world revolves around caring!” Gambhir wrote.

The former India opener had support from a few of his former colleagues in the position, but Sreesanth wrote a long and blistering letter condemning Gambhir for his behaviour. The fast bowler expressed that he has “lost respect” for the cricketer-turned-politician in the wake of the incident.

You have gone above and beyond as an athlete and a brother, and above all, you represent the people. However, you keep getting into conflicts with every cricketer. What is with you? All I did was smile and watch, and you called me a reformer? seriously? Are you above the Supreme Court? “You do not have the authority to speak like this and say whatever you want,” Sreesanth wrote.

“You even verbally abused the rulers, and yet you talk about smiling? You are a completely arrogant and classless person who lacks any form of respect for those who supported you. Until yesterday, I always had respect for you and your family. However, you used the derogatory term ‘reformer’ “Not just once, but seven or eight times, you even resorted to using the ‘F’ word towards the referees and myself, constantly trying to provoke me.

“Anyone who suffered what you suffered will never forgive you. Deep down, you know that what you said and did was wrong. I’m sure God won’t forgive you either. You didn’t even come to the field after that. Let’s go.” “God is watching everything,” Sreesanth commented on Gambhir’s post.

Meanwhile, Legends League Cricket said it would conduct an “internal investigation” into the incident and added that if evidence of misconduct against any player is found they will be “dealt with strictly”.

“Legends League Cricket strives to uphold the spirit of cricket and sportsmanship and will conduct an internal investigation regarding violation of the Code of Conduct. Any misconduct occurring on and off the field including social media platforms will be dealt with strictly,” said Syed Kirmani, Chairman, Code of Conduct and Ethics Committee. In a statement on Thursday.

“The Code of Conduct has clearly stated that action will be taken against players who bring the league into disrepute, the spirit of the game and the teams they represent.

“We are making our position very clear and continue to work towards sharing the game with millions of cricket fans across the country and the world,” the former Indian wicketkeeper-batsman added.

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