Amy Grant talks about her recovery after a 2022 bike accident

Amy Grant talks about her recovery after a 2022 bike accident

Despite being back on the road to tour, Amy Grant says she’s still recovering after a serious bike accident near her Nashville home in 2022.

In a new interview with E! News, the country singer revealed that she still has “issues with my short-term memory” and her balance.

“My balance is still weird,” she told the outlet, adding that she joked about it to her fans.

“You know, sometimes I walk around looking drunk, and you just have to laugh about it all,” she says. “I can’t remember what I can’t remember.”

The bike accident, which left the singer unconscious for 10 minutes, caused a traumatic brain injury and memory loss. It also caused a cyst she didn’t know she had in her throat to “overgrow,” she says.

Grant (63 years old) underwent a five-hour surgery to remove it, as doctors opened her throat.

“I had to learn to sing again,” she told E! From surgery January 2023.

Despite the cyst and traumatic brain injury, Grant says she’s doing great.

“I felt like an old, beat-up car that went in and got a paint job and the dents taken out,” she told E!

Grant’s comments echo her February 2023 interview with TODAY’s Craig Melvin. At the time, she said she felt “wonderful” – despite all her recent “visits to the store”.

“I feel great,” she said. “I mean, really from 2020 on, I feel like I have to, if I’m a car, I’ve made a lot of trips to the store. And I feel like a startup. I was like, ‘Man, I feel like a classic now.’ And it’s actually kind of been revamped in a beautiful way.” truly.”

What happened in Amy Grant’s bike accident?

Grant was riding her bike with her friend near her home in Nashville, Tennessee, when she hit a pothole. Although she was wearing a helmet, the singer suffered a serious brain injury as well as cuts and abrasions from the accident. Grant was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center and stayed for a few days for treatment, her rep told TODAY at the time.

Grant is in a hospital bed after her 2022 bike

The singer was also ordered to postpone her upcoming shows.

She later said she was unconscious for 10 minutes after the bike accident and that it caused a cyst in her throat that she didn’t know to become “overgrown.”

What is Amy Grant’s throat problem?

In February 2023, Grant told TODAY that her voice coach was one of the people who initially noticed her throat problem.

“(I was) working with a singer and she said, ‘What’s going on in your throat?’ ‘Put your head back,'” she told TODAY. “And I said, ‘I know. It’s like I have an Adam’s apple that keeps getting bigger. Unbeknownst to me, I had a ductal cyst Lingual thyroid.

After her doctors discovered that the cyst in her throat was growing rapidly, they performed a five-hour surgery in January 2023 to remove it.

“They asked me, ‘Hey, we’re going down your throat, do you want a plastic surgery?'” she laughed in a February 2024 interview with E! News. “And I said, ‘Dear God, no!’ I actually should be on stage in X number of weeks.

She added that although she “didn’t ask for it” when she came out of surgery, her neck was “a little tight.”

What other health problems does Amy Grant have?

Grant had previously undergone open-heart surgery. In 2020, she underwent surgery to fix a rare genetic condition called partial anomalous pulmonary venous return (PAPVR).

PAPVR occurs when some blood vessels in the lung (pulmonary veins) connect to the wrong place in the heart, according to the Mayo Clinic.

In an interview with Craig in September 2021, she said the incident only strengthened her faith.

“I’m very grateful,” Grant told Craig at the time. “As I get older, I just say, ‘Wow, everything changed when I thought God designed me to be unique.’” And I will believe that He designed you to be uniquely you.”

She added: “I’m sure there are many things I don’t understand.” But I only trust that God, who has everything in His hand, does not surprise him.”

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