American Resort Management, LLC and Sports Hospitality Ventures, LLC announce an exciting new partnership

American Resort Management, LLC and Sports Hospitality Ventures, LLC announce an exciting new partnership

American Resort Management, LLC (ARM), a premier resort management and development company, is pleased to announce a promising partnership with Sports Hospitality Ventures (SHV), the exclusive licensee of Sports Illustrated Resorts, LLC (SI Resorts). Together they are collaborating to bring the SI Resorts brand to the market, providing a combination of high-quality experiential lodging and immersive, active lifestyle experiences highlighted by 70 years of world-class sports media intellectual property.

ARM, an industry leader in lodging and resort operations with a specialty in the indoor water parks, hotels, attractions and resort resort markets, is excited to leverage its expertise to facilitate the successful launch of SI Resorts. This collaboration demonstrates ARM’s commitment to providing unparalleled resort experiences.

SHV is committed to curating exceptional locations for landmark projects and creating immersive environments within them. The SHV team consists of industry experts who have a vision to elevate the SI Resorts brand into a global sensation.

SI Resorts, a recently unveiled hospitality brand, is reviving its iconic Sports Illustrated heritage in dynamic new resorts. With a commitment to quality and cutting-edge immersive experiences and attractions, SI Resorts offers customers more than just a place to stay. It is an attraction designed to enhance the guest experience and meet the needs of those seeking a combination of hospitality, entertainment and an active lifestyle.

Key points of SI Resorts:

  • Cutting-edge immersive experiences
  • World-class sports media IP
  • Trusted brand affiliation
  • Developed around an active lifestyle.
  • Reach a large and loyal fan base

“SI Resorts is more than just a hotel, it is an attraction in its own right and a powerful addition to expanding an already well-established brand,” said Richard Coleman, CEO of ARM. “In today’s market, customers are looking for destinations that offer enhanced experiences and activities, especially those associated with a trusted brand like Sports Illustrated. We are thrilled to collaborate with SHV to make SI Resorts a premier destination for travelers and sports enthusiasts.”

“Our goal at Sports Illustrated Resorts is to provide an exhilarating and interactive experience for our guests while highlighting this legacy brand and 70 years of Sports Illustrated,” emphasized Chris Schroeder, CEO of SHV. “Collaborating with American Resort Management ensures that travelers will not only exceed their expectations, but will also enjoy an unparalleled global experience.”

This partnership represents an important step in bringing SI Resorts to the forefront of the hospitality industry, promising a range of exciting experiences for guests around the world.

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About American Resort Management Company (ARM):

American Resort Management, LLC (ARM) is a leading destination resort management and development company with extensive experience in lodging and resort operations, specializing in indoor water park and theme park resorts. ARM is committed to delivering exceptional guest experiences and is committed to innovation and industry excellence.

About Experimental Projects for Hospitality (EVH):

Sports Hospitality Ventures, LLC is the licensee of Sports Illustrated Resorts, LLC focused on developing and delivering immersive environments and high-impact locations for landmark projects. The SHV team is comprised of industry experts who are passionate about creating exceptional hospitality experiences.

Source: American Resort Management, LLC

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