After the Netflix Cup, the streamer is not ready for live sporting events

After the Netflix Cup, the streamer is not ready for live sporting events

As part of the hype generated by this weekend’s Las Vegas Grand Prix (the third Formula 1 race in the US this year, because our millionaires’ money is spent just like European millionaires’ money), Netflix on Tuesday held its first-ever sporting event Direct: Netflix CupIt is a short golf tournament that includes four teams of two each, each team consisting of a Formula 1 driver and a professional golfer.

The premise is clean. A lot of Formula 1 drivers like to play golf, professional golfers also like to play golf, Las Vegas has a big golf course, and Netflix likes to promote their Formula 1 docuseries Driving to survive and its docuseries PGA In full swingNetflix wants to work out the kinks in its (mostly widespread) streaming technology For reality shows yet) and tried his hand at live sports. The latter is something other streaming services are taking more seriously these days, as you can’t watch it The soprano on Max without the platform asking you if you’re sure you’d rather not watch basketball.

As you might guess, a hypothesis like this ideally has broad appeal, that is Netflix Cup He had to serve a lot of masters – and none of them served well in the end. Fans who wanted to see Formula 1 drivers play golf didn’t stop there, fans who wanted to see golfers play golf didn’t stop there, curious potential fans who wanted to see the basic concept of golf didn’t stop there, and agnostics who just wanted to see something. Wild and fun they couldn’t get enough of it Which.

However, some of these things still exist, even when…especially When – they didn’t make any sense at the concert. This made for generally entertaining chaos at a sporting event, lovingly moderated by the big smiley face of the Las Vegas Sphere team.

Perhaps this was a harbinger of how things were going to go, as the event began with a fan gushing over Formula 1 drivers and Comedian Bert “The Machine” Krischer almost tackled him. He was there as part of the action, not just embodied in Lando Norris’s hour of need. The cameras immediately cut off before viewers could see any more of the skirmish. After being carefully ignored by all participants, the actual game began with a showcase for Formula 1 fans who might not like golf in the form of a hole of “speed golf”, where the first two teams had to hit a short distance. Driving Then into the hole Driving Drive a golf cart to the hole and get both balls in faster than the other team, no matter how many strokes it takes.

Fun in theory, and perhaps a reference to The superior version of ol’ good-walking-spoiledbut golf-inclined commentators seemed alternately frustrated and confused by the challenge, which they couldn’t quite describe in traditional golf terms.

Netflix Cup | Formula 1 + PGA Tour – Live | Conjugations and correspondences | Netflix

This meant that the audience really had no way of knowing what was happening or who was the winner until it was all over. Then Marshawn Lynch showed up to talk to the players, and while it’s always fun to see Marshawn Lynch appear completely out of nowhere, you can imagine he didn’t really explain anything. After the first hole, the real problems started: with four teams of two split into two groups, the live stream couldn’t keep up with everything happening at the same time, meaning too much focus on the first two teams and barely any focus on the second two. This spoils a lot of the fun for people who want to see Formula 1 drivers or golfers in the second teams.

A fairly traditional game of golf ensued (albeit in a strangely gratuitous “scramble” format to encourage teamwork), except for one hole with a prize for the duo who hit the longest drive and Squid game-Themed Hole offered a $4 million prize (to charity) to anyone who got a hole-in-one And the Squid game A dummy that would disqualify a player if he hit the ball while it was looking at him. So there were three weird/fun holes, one of which was the only Netflix-inspired hole, and then there were five regular golf holes. Some people have fun and some people play golf, but no one gets everything they might want.

This goes for the commentators, too, who include Kreacher (who was having fun all night, as if he had any other speed) and golfer Joel Dahmen (who looked like a sleeper cell agent sent by Wet Planks Incorporated to make sure no one ever had a good time ). Dahmen’s commentary style was to verbally chastise F1 drivers for not being professional golfers, either by criticizing their form as being too amateurish (which they are!) or by constantly denying them any opportunity to make a good shot (which they often did). !). It sounded like he was angry that he didn’t comment on regular golf, adding to the “this is targeting too many people” disconnect.

The solution to all of this, for future live sports shows, is for Netflix to decide what it wants. If he wants to play real golf, like you see on real TV, then do it. If she wants to do something fun promotional with the stars of her shows, go for it. It actually can’t be both, because it doesn’t work. For example, you either play a football match, or you do that the toy story Football thing. People who want to watch football (or golf or racing) can actually watch this. People who want to see men playing soccer (or race car drivers playing golf as fast as possible) are an audience that can be served by things like this.

The night ended with what could be the perfect metaphor for the entire event, as champions Carlos Sainz (Ferrari Formula 1 driver) and Justin Thomas (golfer) were presented with checkered jackets (a modification of the jackets that golfers win in some tournaments). A bottle of champagne (as in F1) and a glass. Sainz, the Formula 1 driver, immediately shook the champagne and began spraying it on people, including Kreischer (who happily welcomed the opportunity finally He ripped his shirt off, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Sainz then dropped the cup and it shattered. Netflix Cup It ended, literally, in a bizarre mix of sporting celebrations.

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