Adobe’s native Vision Pro apps can be game-changers for creatives

Adobe’s native Vision Pro apps can be game-changers for creatives

Apple’s mixed reality headset has officially launched, and with the first Vision Pro reviews now out, attention is turning to what’s available and what’s not. Some major apps aren’t supported, but Adobe has made a move that could appeal to creators: it’s launching native Adobe Firefly and Lightroom apps for VisionOS.

Using Adobe Firefly in VisionOS makes it possible to arrange images in different ways (Image credit: Adobe)

Firstly, Adobe Firefly. It’s the first time Adobe’s generative AI toolset has been made available for the XR, and the experience is designed specifically for VisionOS. Users can create and display artwork on the headsets’ large, immersive displays, arrange images in different ways, and drag them from the main app window to place on walls, desks, and real-world spaces.

Images showing Adobe Firefly on Apple Vision Pro

Pictures can be placed on walls, desks and other real-world spaces (Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe says there’s more to come. It plans to add the ability to create wraparound panoramas, 360-degree environments, and more. As with Adobe Firefly on other platforms, all content created on Vision Pro will automatically have content credentials attached and labeled as AI.

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