Adobe Creative Campus spreads digital literacy through TAMUC

Adobe Creative Campus spreads digital literacy through TAMUC

Students, faculty and staff benefit from the power of Adobe software as digital literacy continues to spread across Texas A&M University’s business campus.

For the past two years, A&M-Commerce has been a Official Adobe Creative Campus, a partnership that provides access to a range of Adobe Creative Cloud applications – free of charge – to students and university staff. As a member of Creative Campus, the university is committed to teaching digital communication skills across disciplines.

A new TAMUC home for Adobe

The Waters Library at A&M-Commerce was recently named a The university’s new home for Adobe Creative CampusLibrary staff are preparing to launch Adobe training and support the university community.

Lani Dunlap, dean of libraries, said her team is working on several initiatives — still in the planning stages — that will launch in the spring of 2024. She said library staff are excited to develop strategies to expand the use of Adobe Creative Cloud for university-wide programming. Their goals include educating faculty on how to use Adobe software effectively in their curriculum, and teaching students how to use Adobe as a creative tool for coursework and beyond.

“We’ve always taught information literacy skills, and now we’re expanding on digital literacy skills,” Dunlap said. “These are essential creative skills that prepare our students for success in the classroom and in the workforce.”

Training sessions

The library will offer training on various Adobe Creative Cloud applications starting in February 2024. Topics will include access to Adobe Creative Cloud and creative projects using Adobe Express, AI, and Adobe. Additional courses, ranging from introductory to advanced, will be added throughout the semester.

Adobe Creative Lab

The library also plans to create an Adobe Creative Campus Lab. The lab will provide consulting and experiential learning to the university community, including collaborating with faculty to integrate Adobe applications into their curricula. The lab will also serve as Adobe’s “Community of Practice,” allowing faculty and staff to collaborate and share expertise across the academic community.

Adobe for TAMUC students

Improving learning outcomes

Adobe digital tools are designed to Improving learning outcomes for studentsWith access to dozens of applications through the Adobe partnership, students can engage more deeply in their learning through creative multimedia projects.

“Adobe Creative Campus has truly opened horizons for students as they learn and create,” said Kathy Lee, director of creative design in the Office of Marketing and Communications at A&M-Commerce. “It is a great opportunity for students in every major to explore different mediums and methods of conveying information and telling stories.”

Lee also teaches Introduction to Visual Communication, a class that focuses heavily on Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe is an integral part of the visual communication program, and students are required to learn and use Adobe applications extensively throughout their coursework, said Lee Hackett, director of visual communications at A&M-Commerce. The Creative Campus designation encourages students to explore more of Adobe’s software as they work on projects outside the classroom on their personal computers, she said.

“With the Adobe Creative Campus designation, the university provides students with access to the entire Creative Suite,” Hackett said. “This access fosters curiosity; students can explore these tools and integrate them into their creative process.”

Career readiness

Adobe tools also help students Developing digital workforce skills that employers desire In recent graduates. Adobe software is widely used in education, business, and industry, so students who are literate in Adobe applications may have an advantage in the job market after graduation.

“Ultimately, our goal is to prepare students for career success,” Lee said. “The great thing about Adobe is that it’s the industry standard around the world. So, the Adobe skills that a student might start out learning about in a history class project, for example, can translate into marketable skills when that student enters the workforce.” .

“Professionals who employ our graduates comment on how willing our graduates are to be creative and solve problems on the spot,” Hackett added.

Adobe Resources

Students can access the Adobe Creative Skills series for free Adobe training. The series contains short introductory courses designed for A&M-Commerce students in all majors. Course offerings include creating stunning presentations, generative AI for creativity, viral social media strategy, and more. By completing courses, students can earn small credentials or badges that can be added to their LinkedIn account or resume.

Adobe for TAMUC faculty and staff

As faculty and staff from every discipline join the university-wide commitment to digital literacy, many are taking advantage of the resources available to help them learn how to use Adobe and integrate it into their classes, curriculum, and departmental marketing efforts:

1. Adobe InDesign lessons

Lee and her team in the Office of Marketing and Communications teach a series of Adobe InDesign lessons Targeted at faculty and staff who want to create university-specific marketing materials. Classes teach employees how to customize pre-designed university templates to create branded posts, social media graphics, and more.

“Our faculty and staff are experts at what they do, but they don’t have the time to learn design best practices, and I don’t expect them to,” Lee said. “So we created InDesign templates and also Adobe Express templates that lower the barrier to entry. Employees don’t need to worry about design anymore, and can just focus on entering the right information.

Spring 2024 session dates will be announced soon.

2. Creative Cloud class basics

In addition to the InDesign class, Lee will be teaching “Creative Cloud basics and us” As part of the “Investing in Us” professional development series for A&M-Commerce employees.

In the course, students will learn the basics of design and brand management as they explore Adobe Express, InDesign, and Photoshop. This free course offers one hour of academic credit and runs from January 16, 2024 until March 8, 2024.

Employees can learn more and register at Invest in us page.

3. Assistance from marketing and communications

Li and her graphic design team also work one-on-one with employees to help them successfully complete projects at Adobe. Marcy Lewis, director of Student Rights and Responsibilities, said she often consults Lee when using Adobe Express to create marketing pieces for her office, including informational flyers and brochure covers.

“The most important advantage of using Adobe Express is having a product that Kathie Lee and I can use together,” Lewis said. “For example, I created the content for my last project, and Kathy coordinated the design. I learned from the changes she made, which gave me a deeper understanding of how to use Adobe Express. By using a common design platform, I can ensure that the marketing I create for my office aligns with University brand.

e-mail (email protected) To help with design.

4. Virtual learning resources

Helpful virtual resources include:

Contact Lanee Dunlap for more information about these online resources.

At the forefront of digital education

To date, about 60 colleges and universities around the world are members of the Adobe Creative Campus community. Through this initiative, A&M-Commerce is promoting digital literacy across diverse disciplines, ensuring a transformative learning experience for students, faculty, and staff.

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Featured image: A digital artist designs on a computer. Photography by Didexaputra | Adobe Stock

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