Adobe comes to Apple Vision Pro with AI tools | By Marta Reyes | February 2024

Adobe comes to Apple Vision Pro with AI tools |  By Marta Reyes |  February 2024

Adobe and Apple are teaming up to create a unique experience for their users by leveraging virtual reality to push the boundaries of creativity.

Adobe has taken a significant step into the world of technology by announcing its collaboration with Apple, bringing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology and a host of creative design tools to Apple’s all-new Vision Pro virtual reality headset.

This event not only signifies progress in integrating new computing technologies with daily life, but also hopes to change the way owners of this device interact with the digital world in various social sectors.

The alliance between the two technological experts consists of a proposal from Adobe for the VisionOS operating system for the Vision Pro which integrates several applications already known to the public such as Lightroom, Fresco and Behance, which will be specially adapted to enhance the functionality of the device. glasses.

This represents a change in how we understand Vision Pro’s access to the technology market, because it provides users with a platform where creating high-quality content is not only possible, but practical and imminent.

How AI was integrated into the design of Apple’s Vision Pro
An important factor in this innovation is Adobe Firefly, an image generation tool powered by artificial intelligence, which, combined with Adobe’s well-known editing and design solutions, will facilitate the creation of graphic content directly within the virtual environment it includes. Vision Pro.

Likewise, Firefly will not only enhance production on big screens, allowing for the design of immersive panoramas and 360-degree virtual environments, but it will also integrate metadata into the images it generates for ethical use of AI, enhancing security and transparency. In the creative process.

For design and graphics enthusiasts, it will be a new way to learn and enhance their knowledge, as well as work alongside AI-made developments to create unique pieces and explore different tastes.

How Adobe is integrated into Vision Pro glasses
The integration of various tools can improve the functionality of glasses. For example, Adobe Lightroom will provide an unprecedented immersive experience that will be adapted to Vision Pro, making it easier for users to edit images in a more interpretive way.

This option can enhance the creative process because it gives audiovisual filmmakers alternatives that give them greater freedom.

Likewise, Adobe Fresco is expected to expand opportunities for drawing in digital environments and editing and shaping vector graphics through an interface specifically focused on gesture navigation.

This adaptation enhances the unique features of Vision Pro to deliver a more natural and personal drawing and design experience.

In addition, the social media platform Behance will also play a crucial role in this new field of digital design, ensuring users can access and publish the content they produce from their devices. What it aims to do is not only foster creativity in various fields, but also open up new opportunities to impart new talent and graphic chops.

At the same time, the integration of these advanced and easy-to-use design tools impacts Vision Pro glasses in several ways: it expands the creative possibilities of people and organizations to develop new resources that have not been seen, while transforming interaction in the digital world, both in the way this area is perceived and in It has not yet been discovered, or seen in its relationship to humans.

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