A young man died in a climbing accident

A young man died in a climbing accident

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Yutong “Fei” Zhang, 18, died on Saturday, October 14, after falling from anchors while cleaning a road in Sand Rock (Cherokee Rock Village) in northeastern Alabama.

Zhang, a new climber, was the last in her group to loop an overhead rope onto the mainstay of the rock. hazy (5.10 B/C) Around 12:00 PM Upon arriving at the anchors, after cleaning out the quickdraw of other group members on her way up, Zhang prepared to clean the single locking carabiner her group had placed on the double hook anchors as a backup tool in case the rope became disconnected from the The Moussa.

Although none of her party was at the anchor to witness what happened, one of her supporters was Written on the mountain project It appears that while removing the locker, Zhang inadvertently placed the rope in a position such that when it was weighed, it would come undone from both hooks.

When the rope was weightless, “her belt fell off and my back and head hit another rock and she (Zhang) fell right next to me and more or less passed on the impact. A few of us trained in emergency first responders came to help immediately, as well as a doctor who happened to be in the area.” The EMS response was also very quick, but there was really nothing that could be done.

“In our eyes this was routine and one of the safest things we could ask of a relatively new climber,” the climber added. “At the same time, I know we’re all blaming ourselves for asking her to do anything at all. … We’ve all been thinking about what we could or should have done differently or how this could have been a safer experience.”

Chang, originally from Minnesota, was a freshman at the University of Georgia, where he entered the college as part of a Foundation Fellowship, the highest academic scholarship offered by the University of Georgia. According to her father, Pingxuan Zhang, this trip to Sand Rock was his daughter’s second time climbing abroad. She met the other members of her group at a rock gym in Athens, Georgia.

IFMGA Guide Karsten Delap published a Short clip on Instagram Incident analysis. “When she unhooked the carabiner, it was probably a little higher than (the moose) with a little bit of slack,” he said. As Zhang leaned back, the rope was a quick pull clipped from behind, effectively untying itself as she leaned back.

Delap and others noted online that including a locking carabiner in the system—while useful in reducing wear in cases where the primary attachment points are closed carabiners or Mylon—was a mistake in this scenario, given the “open” nature of the clay hook.

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