A worker was seriously injured in an accident at the Fincantieri shipyard in Italy

A worker was seriously injured in an accident at the Fincantieri shipyard in Italy

A worker at the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy, was seriously injured in an accident at the shipyard on Friday, January 19. Trade unions representing shipyard workers called for an immediate strike to seek to raise awareness of safety issues.

Emergency services from Monfalcone in the Trieste region of eastern Italy responded to emergency calls on Friday morning. Scaffolding and an enclosed crane used to lift materials onto the cruise ship My ship is relaxing The shipyard that was currently under construction collapsed.

One of the workers, a 23-year-old employee of a contractor working on a cruise ship construction project, was discovered pinned beneath the twisted pile of metal. The fire brigade worked for 30 minutes to remove the rubble, including using a crane to lift parts of the collapsed scaffolding that was above the man. The man, reported to be a Bangladeshi national, suffered serious head injuries and chest trauma and was taken to hospital. Media reports said he was under guard, but his life was not in danger.

Scaffolding collapsed next to the cruise ship under construction

Reports were not clear whether the man was on the scaffolding or more likely underneath it preparing to board the cruise ship when the collapse occurred. The contractor was reportedly trying to account for all of its employees to ensure no other individuals were caught in the collapse. The Italian fire brigade also brought in divers who carried out several searches to ensure that no one was in the water while additional searchers were also heading to the pier in the area surrounding the ship.

The Italian authorities ordered the closure of the area surrounding the accident until a full investigation is conducted. The Trieste region is exposed to strong winter winds known as Bora, and according to media reports, strong winds have been flowing since Thursday night. Wind speeds were reported to reach about 60 mph. Scaffolding was to be alongside the ship, with some reports saying it was at deck 16 level.

A crane had to be used to free the worker trapped under the collapsed scaffolding

The metal workers unions said in a statement: “Once again the victim of the accident is a worker from one of the contracting companies.” “It is not acceptable to risk your life for work. In this context, contract workers are the most vulnerable, the most vulnerable.

Media reports indicated that the hiring practices of contractors working at the Monfalcón shipyard had been the subject of investigations since 2018. Among these issues were reports of low wages and poor training.

Trade unions called for an immediate one-day stoppage to raise awareness of safety issues. They are demanding that contracting companies operating in the arena be accountable and demonstrate their ability to ensure the safety of their workers as required by law. They are also demanding proper safety training while demanding that Fincantieri immediately replace any contracting company that defaults on these responsibilities and lacks the required safety protocols.

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