A suspect has been arrested in the death of Arlington Police Officer Darren McMichael

A suspect has been arrested in the death of Arlington Police Officer Darren McMichael

Dallas – Authorities arrested a man in a relationship The fatal accident of Arlington Officer Darren McMichael.

Members of a U.S. Marshals Task Force arrested 26-year-old Joshua Quintero Watson of Jackson, Mississippi, after obtaining an arrest warrant, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday afternoon.

Watson was charged with second-degree felony: accident resulting in death.

In September, Doug Sisk with the Sheriff’s Office explained that McMichael was on his way to work when he fell from his motorcycle around 5:30 a.m. after crashing into the back of an SUV when traffic slowed in front of him. While he was on the ground, McMichael was struck by another vehicle, believed to be a dark-colored Chrysler or Dodge sedan. According to Sisk, the driver did not stop.

McMichael’s wife was following him and Witnessed the fatal accident.

Arlington Police Officer Darren McMichael’s funeral has been held

The Sheriff’s Office says it was working with the Arlington Police Department to get tips and leads, which led them to Watson. Total bonus money pot It came to at least $35,000 For information leading to Watson’s arrest.

“The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office would like to extend our deepest thanks to the public and media for helping spread the word about this horrific incident and keeping Officer McMichael’s family in your thoughts and prayers,” the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

The Arlington Police Department also shared a statement:

“The death of Officer Darren McMichael has left a permanent hole in the collective heart of the Arlington PD family. But today’s news lifts a tremendous burden off the shoulders of the entire department. We are incredibly relieved that the suspect has been identified, arrested and charged in connection with his death.”

We never stopped believing that this case would be solved – and we are forever grateful to the investigative team that did not give up, even when the odds seemed stacked against them. We would like to thank the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office for their partnership. We would also like to commend the efforts of the APD investigators who assisted DSO in this case.

Finally, we want to express our deep appreciation to everyone who supported us throughout this difficult period. Your love, prayers, and kindness mean the world to us and continue to lift us up as we work to serve and protect our community.

Officer McMichael was a 24-year veteran of the force, and fellow officers described him as a dedicated member of the motorcycle unit for the past 13 years.

Arlington Police Chief holds a press conference after the officer’s death

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