A strategic alliance for a greener future

A strategic alliance for a greener future

In a surprise development, Jetblack Corp, which recently acquired a 30% stake in Intrinsic Methods LLC, has issued a correction to its most recent press release. The update comes amid growing interest in the company’s innovative RootMaker® technology, which promises to plant trees faster and remove more carbon, and boasts an impressive tree planting success rate of up to 95%.

Strategic Alliance: Jetblack Corp and Intrinsic Methods LLC

The collaboration between Jetblack Corp and Intrinsic Methods LLC is poised to revolutionize the carbon credit market. Intrinsic Methods has developed a carbon credit platform on the XRP Ledger, providing full transparency of the credit lifecycle and pricing. This strategic move aims to establish the company as the gold standard for voluntary carbon credits, with direct access to reforestation projects.

Current projects under substantive approaches have $1.5 million worth of future mitigation units (FMUs) available for purchase. If financing is achieved or the proceeds are reinvested, there is potential to create financial management units worth a staggering $630 million. This development could significantly impact the global carbon credit market and set a new precedent for environmental responsibility.

Wietse Wind, the lead developer of the XRP Ledger, has outlined a strategic initiative to position XRPL as a formidable competitor to Ethereum. Wind introduced Hook, a modification to the XRP Ledger that aims to provide advanced smart contract functionality and bridge the gap with Ethereum’s composability.

Despite the recent price decline, experts predict a positive trajectory for XRP in 2024. XRP Ledger’s participation in Intrinsic Methods’ carbon credit platform further underscores its potential and commitment to sustainable development.

Set the record straight

In its corrected press release, Jetblack Corp. confirmed the accuracy of the information released to the public. The company affirmed its commitment to transparency and integrity, noting that the patch was issued to ensure that all stakeholders receive the most accurate and up-to-date information about the strategic alliance with Intrinsic Methods LLC.

As the world grapples with climate change and the urgent need for sustainable solutions, the collaboration between Jetblack Corp and Intrinsic Methods LLC represents a beacon of hope. With its innovative RootMaker® technology and carbon credit platform on the XRP Ledger, Intrinsic Methods not only sets new standards in the voluntary carbon credit market, but also contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.

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