A new lawsuit is filed in the skydiving accident that killed an Illinois woman

A new lawsuit is filed in the skydiving accident that killed an Illinois woman

CHICAGO (CBS) — The husband of an Elk Grove woman who died while parasailing in the Florida Keys last year is speaking publicly for the first time about the fatal accident.

A new lawsuit has also been filed in the case against the resort and the boat captain and companion involved in the May 2022 death of Subraja Alaparthi, which her husband hopes will send a message to businesses about maximizing safety.

Abarthi, 33, She was parasailing with her son and nephew near Pigeon Bay in the Florida Keys on May 30, 2022, when strong winds “tied” their canopy sail – meaning the wind took control of the canopy from the boat below.

A later report stated that this led to The situation is very dangerous The captain decided to cut the line connected to the victims. They were dropped from an unknown height and dragged by floating parachute through the water until they finally crashed into the old Seven Mile Bridge, the report said.

Alaparthi died on the spot. Her 10-year-old son and 9-year-old nephew suffered minor injuries from which the family said they are still recovering a year after the accident.

The husband of an Elk Grove woman killed in a parasailing accident in Florida is speaking out

On Thursday morning, lawyers for the Alaparthi family called for mandatory training in the parasailing industry.

“I can’t help but think that if the people we trust from the paraglider and the captain had done their job, my wife would still be with us today,” said Srini Alaparthi, Subraja’s widower.

Srini Alaparthi held back tears as he spoke about his late wife, her love of life and their children.

the family The parasailing company was previously sued after the incident. The new lawsuit announced today also targets the resort, the boat captain and his colleague.

“They made it seem like this was a legitimate company,” said Pedro Icharte III, the family’s attorney. “This was a company that was going to take care of its employees and customers and take care of them.”

The primary goal of the lawsuit is to seek justice for the family and “make sure this never happens again,” Icharty said.

The boat’s captain, 49-year-old Daniel Gavin Couch, He was arrested in September and charged with manslaughter To get the family out on a windy day and cut the cable connecting the awning to his boat.

Prosecutors said the action was reckless and not only violated commercial parasailing guidelines, but was criminal.

The family of an Elk Grove woman killed in a skydiving accident in Florida is filing a new lawsuit

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