A mobile cop was speeding when he was struck by a motorcycle in a fatal crash, according to ALEA

A mobile cop was speeding when he was struck by a motorcycle in a fatal crash, according to ALEA

A mobile police officer was speeding through an intersection when a motorcycle collided with the side of a police SUV, ejecting the motorcyclist who later died at a local hospital.

An investigation into the crash by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency found two contributing factors in the crash that claimed the life of 67-year-old Robert Sain of Semmes.

Investigators determined that Sain, who was riding a 2007 Harley-Davidson Road King, failed to yield the right of way, while Mobile Police Officer Paul Callegari was driving at 56 mph in his 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe police unit through an intersection with a maximum speed limit. The speed is 40 miles per hour. .

ALEA found that there was no emergency or police pursuit at the time of the crash, which occurred at the intersection of Cody Road and Ziegler Street around 7pm on March 29.

Calligari was placed on administrative leave following the incident. It is unclear whether he has returned to duty. While Calligari was identified as the officer involved through a search of ALEA’s records page, Mobile Police never confirmed his identity nor released additional information.

The ALEA report also notes that the traffic signals at the intersection were not fully operational on the night of the accident. Caligari, who was traveling west on Ziegler Road, had yellow flashing lights, while Sayne was traveling north on Cody Road and had red flashing lights at the intersection.

While the report says Sain’s failure to yield the right of way was a contributing factor, it’s not clear whether he ran the red light, expected the other vehicle to also have a red flashing light, or simply failed to see the Caligari police cruiser coming toward The Road. overlap.

This incident marks the second time in recent months that Caligari’s name has appeared in the news. In October, Caligari was seen in a widely circulated video repeatedly punching a handcuffed man. While being placed under arrest by Caligari, the suspect grabbed Caligari’s testicles and penis and twisted them, causing serious physical pain, preliminary court filings showed.

Calligari was placed on administrative leave following this incident, and Mobile Police promised a “thorough examination of all aspects of the case” by the police department’s Office of Professional Responsibility.

Mobile Chief of Staff James Barber said the US Department of Justice and the FBI had also been notified of the incident.

The results of this investigation were never made public.

Callegari was also one of the Mobile Police officers who attended a massive rally in support of Mobile Police Chief Paul Prine, who is himself on administrative leave amid a wave of accusations between Prine and Mobile city management. Prine asked specifically about Callegari while speaking to the crowd at Municipal Park on Saturday afternoon.

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