A minor died and two were injured in a traffic accident

A minor died and two were injured in a traffic accident

INDORE: A three-year-old boy was killed and two women injured after a man who had bought an e-rickshaw and was taking his family to the Bijasan temple in the new vehicle met with an accident in Petma on Saturday evening. Mathura Prasad, a resident of TDS Colony in Bitma, recently bought a new e-rickshaw and went to the Bijasan temple to perform puja with his wife, relative and three-year-old son Bhavesh alias Damru. On their way to the temple when they reached a bridge on Dhar Road, Prasad suddenly lost control of the car and it fell off the bridge. All the family members were seriously injured and were rushed to the hospital by locals where Bhavesh was declared brought dead. Doctors said Bhavesh lost a lot of blood in the accident and could not be saved. Rural DSP Umakant Chaudhary said the death was registered and the body was handed over to the family members after post-mortem. tnn
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Three members of a Pune family die in an accident

A family of five met with a fatal accident on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Expressway in Mindhawan Ghat section. The compact SUV they were traveling in collided with a truck coming from the other side. Three family members were killed, including a five-year-old girl, and two others were injured. The deceased were identified as Harshad Godbole, his daughter Anandi and his son-in-law Milind Vaidya. Godbole’s wife and son were also injured and taken to hospital. Godbole was an engineer working for a Pune-based automobile company.

Rajasthan polls: In Jaipur, candidates spent more on tea, snacks and e-rickshaws

Candidates in Jaipur spent a huge amount of money on election expenses, especially on tea, snacks and campaign vehicles. The majority of the expenditure went towards renting e-rickshaws, with Congress candidate Pushpendra Bharadwaj spending Rs 50 lakh on this alone. He also spent Rs 2.88 lakh on an election office and Rs 100 a day on tea and snacks for party workers. In contrast, Archana Sharma, another Congress candidate, has spent just Rs 35 lakh so far. BJP candidate Bhajanlal Sharma incurred the highest expenditure of Rs 5.70 lakh, while Kalicharan Saraf spent only Rs 3.46 lakh, the lowest amount among BJP candidates.

EV fire caused by short circuit reduces several e-rickshaws to ashes at Patna Zoo: Details

Electric vehicle fires in India have been a frequent impediment to widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Safety concerns have been raised by a series of accidents over the past few years. A recent accident at Patna Zoo resulted in several e-rickshaws being destroyed due to a short circuit. The video shows the extent of the damage. Investigations are ongoing and updates will be provided.

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