A man has been charged with six counts of attempted murder for “targeting” pedestrians with his car

A man has been charged with six counts of attempted murder for “targeting” pedestrians with his car

Salt Lake City – Court documents indicate that a man was charged with 10 felonies after targeting and hitting pedestrians with his car.

According to Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gil, Anh Duy Pham was charged with six first-degree felony counts of attempted murder, four third-degree felony counts of failure to stop for a serious injury accident, and two first-degree misdemeanor counts of failure to stop for a serious injury accident. With injuries.

Pham was involved in four pedestrian collisions over a seven-month period, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

He added: “These were alleged predatory attacks shrouded in the shadow of incidents. These charges were brought due to significant police work done by the Salt Lake City Police Department and Sandy City Police Department in coordination with prosecutors from our office. “Using technology, these agencies and our office were able to link the cases together,” Gill said.

“We continue to investigate other similar matters and encourage anyone with information to contact local law enforcement. All persons accused of wrongdoing are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.

Court documents describe multiple incidents where Pham appeared to target these pedestrians.

On August 22, 2023, two witnesses observed a white car pull up next to a woman on Sandy at 1000 West and 500 South. Eyewitnesses said that the woman began to flee when the car increased in speed and collided with her and fled, causing her to fly over the car and land on the ground. Then the car sped off.

The woman told police that the driver asked her to get into the car several times. She refused and began to walk away when she was slightly injured. Witnesses were able to give the license plate number to police, who found it to belong to a white Toyota Avalon registered as a van.

On February 24, witnesses told police that Jocelyn Pierce and her 16-year-old daughter, Madalyn Pierce, were hit while walking on 1700 East near 11490 South. When officers reviewed home security footage, they found a white Toyota Avalon driving down the street three times before striking the mother and daughter.

On the third trip, the car was moving slowly in the bike lane. License plate reader cameras confirmed that Pham’s car was in the area nine minutes after the accident. Jocelyn Pierce and her daughter suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured temporal bone, blunt force trauma, a laceration to the scalp, and back injuries.

Police: Man suspected of ‘targeting’ pedestrians during life-threatening hit-and-run accident

On February 28, police responded to a hit-and-run at Douglas Street and Laird Street in Salt Lake City. Martha Knudsen and Janet Brummett said they were walking near the intersection when they were struck from behind by a white sedan. A review of home security footage in the area showed the same white Toyota Avalon, registered to Pham, in the area at the time of the accident.

Knudsen suffered a concussion, lacerations to her head and a broken front tooth that required oral surgery to repair. Brummitt lost consciousness at the scene and suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, a concussion, a broken hand, and lacerations to her head and scalp.

Victims of the Sugar House hit and run speak out

On March 11, a woman was injured at 600 West North Temple in Salt Lake City. Two women were walking east in the crosswalk when the crossing light turned green. One woman said she noticed a white car speeding south on 600 West when she heard the car hit the woman behind it.

The first woman turned to see the car driving away. Witnesses told police the white sedan approached the two women at a slow speed as they were walking on Route 600 West, which “knocked them out.” Eyewitnesses also told police that the white car had a red light when it increased its speed and deliberately drove in the direction of the two women who were crossing the street.

Security footage from the area shows a white Toyota Avalon driving northbound on Route 600 West before turning to head south. The footage shows the two women waiting for the light while the Toyota drives slowly in the bike lane. After the two women enter the pedestrian crosswalk, the Toyota increases its speed and collides with the second woman.

Woman injured in hit-and-run accident SLC; Police say the driver ran a red light

The video also shows that the Toyota does not apply the brakes at all before hitting the woman. The injured woman had to be intubated and suffered a fractured left femur, a fractured left leg, a brain bleed, a skull fracture, and multiple pelvic fractures. She remains in the intensive care unit at a local hospital.

Investigators found the bumper of a Toyota belonging to Pham at the scene and confirmed that his vehicle was driving through nearby areas near the time of the accident.

On March 13, officers found Pham’s white Toyota Avalon in Liberty Park with Pham inside. When interviewed about the incident, Pham first told police that he “may have lent the car to one of his friends” before later saying: “Yes, it’s mine. I don’t let anyone drive it.”

Pham’s family confirmed to the police that the car belonged to him and that he was the only person driving the car.

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