A man cut in half by a forklift shares a devastating advert after a heartbreaking ‘betrayal’

A man cut in half by a forklift shares a devastating advert after a heartbreaking ‘betrayal’

Lauren Shores has been through a lot in the past few years, and has been open about his struggles while trying to cope with his injuries and their impact on his mental health.

Loren lost his lower half in the accident (Sabia and Lauren/YouTube)

A man who was split in half by a forklift has shared a heartbreaking message, saying he has been finding it difficult to make friends lately.

In a tragic workplace accident in 2019, Lauren Schweers was cut in two when the forklift he was driving fell off a bridge and landed on him. Despite losing both legs and part of his right arm in the accident, he amazed everyone with his courageous determination not to let his injuries hold him back.

He and his wife Sabia regularly share updates about their daily lives, attracting a large number of fans eager for more news. The couple is not afraid to talk about difficult topics that many may find uncomfortable. In his latest Facebook post, Loren spoke out about his recent struggles to make new friends.

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Lauren Shores, who had his lower half amputated in 2019 (instagram.com/loren.schauers)

“Am I the only one who has a hard time making friends?” question. “I’m never too busy to do anything, I just don’t know who to reach out to and let into my life,” she told the Daily Star.

Lauren said he has been let down a lot and now finds it difficult to trust people. “I’ve also been betrayed by so many friends in so many ways that I would have trust issues letting people into my life, not stealing from me, taking advantage of everything they can, things like that,” he shared.

He added: “I know it’s stupid to post this on Facebook, but hey! If anyone is looking for a friend! I’m always free and need to (make) some friends. I wouldn’t spend my time with anyone who isn’t like that.” “Family over a year ago looks like lol. HMU!”.

Lauren and his wife Sabia (instagram.com/loren.schauers)

The people who commented were kind in their responses and things helped him feel better. “I wish I could do that buddy and you look great but Montana is from Missouri,” one person commented. Another person shared their own story: “I haven’t had friends in about 3 years. It’s so hard to find friends. Hang in there, Kozo.” A third person wanted to help: “What can we do to help you??”

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