A Kentucky preacher was killed in a car accident Sunday night

A Kentucky preacher was killed in a car accident Sunday night

“I’m confident that what I have to say is very important today,” said Kenneth Grizzle, preacher at Greenwood Park Church of Christ, after a morning filled with setbacks.

This will be his final Sunday morning sermon to the Bowling Green, Kentucky, congregation.

Kenneth Grizzle

The 60-year-old minister died in an accident that night when his car crashed into a wooden fence off Greenhill Road on the outskirts of Bowling Green.

His wife, Lori, 37, and two grandchildren, who were also in the car, survived without serious injuries.

Earlier that day, Kenneth Grizzle told his 500-member congregation that he thought his Sunday morning message was important “because at 3:03 a.m., I woke up this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep — my head was playing, trying to remember.” Scriptures, trying to pray, trying to do all sorts of things. “It was a feeling of being attacked.”

After arriving at the church building, he had trouble with his microphone and realized he had brought the wrong glasses.

“I just, you know, what could be out there?” He said. “Then we praise and acknowledge God.”

Grizzle continued to preach about overcoming Satan to walk with God – no matter what trials we endure.

“In the fallen world we live in, most of the time, when the way isn’t clear, I see that God has something on the other side of that hurdle,” Grizzle said. “God has and is doing something great in our midst.”

Greenwood Park Church of Christ, Campbell Lane, Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

Grizzle has been preaching at Greenwood Church for eight years and has served congregations in five other states — Tennessee, Ohio, California, Florida and Georgia — over the past four decades.

“Kenneth loved God and loved preaching His Word and sharing his faith,” Greenwood Elder Ray Newton said. Christian facts. “And we are less to lose.”

Grizel had an adult son, two daughters, and seven granddaughters.

Arrangements will be made by Cone Funeral Home in Bowling Green.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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