A Janesville man has recovered from a near-fatal accident

A Janesville man has recovered from a near-fatal accident

JANESVILLE, Wis. – David Potter, a Rock County man, said he was lucky to narrowly escape death after a catastrophic accident.

What you need to know

  • Rock County resident David Potter miraculously survived a serious car accident in Florida on Memorial Day that nearly took his life.
  • Suffering serious injuries, including a shoulder torn six inches from its socket, he underwent extensive rehabilitation at Mercyhealth
  • Potter has made remarkable progress through months of dedicated effort, with the support of the Mercyhealth team
  • As a gesture of gratitude, Potter, a graphic designer, created a special poster for Mercyhealth, symbolizing his successful recovery journey.

In May 2023, while in Florida to care for his father, Potter met with disaster.

“It just rained. I took a new road, and went around a curve I didn’t know,” he said.

Potter lost control of his car.

“Trying to overcorrect – it was a bad idea. The car flipped front to back a few times and side to side. About three or four times I let go, thinking there was nothing I could really do. It was pretty much over,” he said. .

With serious injuries and a bleak outlook, the Potter family brought him home, enduring three separate flights due to his inability to remain seated for long periods. Potter said he felt hopeless.

“There is no end here. This is not going to get better,” he said, thinking about his condition after the accident.

However, Potter’s story was transformed from tragedy to triumph through sheer determination and support of Mercyhealth.

Today, Potter continues physical therapy exercises, but has resumed driving and most of his usual activities.

Potter experienced excruciating pain, especially when his shoulder was torn six inches from its socket. Potter has made amazing strides during seven months of rigorous rehabilitation, said Derek Dries, assistant PT at Mercyhealth.

“It’s a lot for the patient; it takes a lot of working as a team to get through the struggle that I went through,” Dries said of the recovery process.

As a sign of gratitude, Potter, a graphic designer, decided to create something special for his Mercyhealth team.

“It’s more than just a poster that looks great on the wall of the sports clinic;

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