A hit-and-run skiing accident leaves a Park City Mountain coach with season-ending injuries

A hit-and-run skiing accident leaves a Park City Mountain coach with season-ending injuries

PARK CITY, Utah – A tragic hit-and-run accident on the Canyons side of Park City Mountain (PCM) on Wednesday, February 28, left local resident and beloved snowboard instructor Martin Drayton with multiple fractures to his spine, sidelining him for the remainder . From winter.

The accident occurred around 1:15 p.m. at the intersection of Mainline and Alleycat roads. Several eyewitnesses provided descriptions of the suspect as a “tall woman wearing a white one-piece with pink sides” sparking a community-wide search for the person responsible.

“That’s the one thing that was clear to me, is that I had a lot of people reach out to me, say the same thing happened to them, or something similar to a friend, and the person wouldn’t stop,” Drayton said. “It’s as if people are either unaware of or just ignore the safety rules that apply to the mountain.”

Drayton’s diagnosis includes a compression fracture of his thoracic spine and T8 vertebra, marking the end of winter. Drayton is also a flight attendant, and these injuries will keep him from flying for four to six weeks. The pain is causing severe discomfort and Drayton will need to see a spine specialist.

“It will be up to them to decide how severe the compressions are, but right now, I still have headaches. My back pain is enough to wake me up in the early hours of every day,” Drayton said. “I can’t get comfortable. I am not comfortable sitting, standing or lying down for any period of time.

According to his peers, Drayton is not just a local; He is a multi-faceted individual and his life is a testament to his diverse talents and contributions. As a revered PCM ski and snowboard instructor, a Delta flight attendant, a talented voiceover artist, and a world record holder in slalom skiing, Drayton embodies a spirit of adventure and kindness.

Looming bills and the inability to work have been at the forefront of Drayton’s concerns on top of normal daily expenses. However, an anonymous person recently created a GoFundMe page for Drayton, which surprised and humbled him.

“There are a lot of people out there who are more needy and deserving than us,” Drayton said. “The outpouring of support, love and affection we have received since this happened has been so touching and made us feel so blessed to live in such an amazing city. We could not be more grateful.”

Those interested in donating can visit Drayton’s GoFundMe page. Drayton and his family are also looking for accountability from the skateboarder responsible, and for any individuals who may come forward who may have more information regarding the incident.

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