A freak accident at Kolkata airport destroys the wings of two planes

A freak accident at Kolkata airport destroys the wings of two planes

Part of the wing of an Air India Express plane fell on the runway, while the wing of an IndiGo flight was dented

New Delhi:

Two planes came dangerously close to each other on the runway in Kolkata this morning, in a narrow escape for hundreds of passengers.

A Darbhanga-bound IndiGo plane, taxiing at Kolkata airport, collided with a parked Air India Express flight waiting to get clearance to enter the runway. Part of the wing of the Air India Express plane that was hit fell on the runway, while the wing of the IndiGo plane was dented.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation, or DGCA, has deleted the IndiGo A320 VT-ISS pilots from the list and ordered a detailed investigation, news agency ANI reported.

“We have ordered a detailed investigation into the matter and the IndiGo pilots have been delisted. The ground staff will also be questioned during the investigation. Both flights have been stopped for detailed examination,” a DGCA official said.

There were 135 passengers on board the IndiGo flight, including four infants.

“A minor scratch incident was reported between an IndiGo aircraft and another aircraft from Kolkata airport. The aircraft has returned to the Gulf for inspection and necessary action, as per protocol,” the low-cost airline said, adding that a report on the incident has been prepared. Submitted to aviation regulator DGCA.

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“As a result, IndiGo flight 6E 6152 between Kolkata and Darbhanga has been delayed,” it added. Refreshments were provided to all passengers and an alternative aircraft was arranged.

“IndiGo prioritizes passenger safety above all else. An incident report will be submitted to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in due course,” the carrier said.

Speaking about the incident, an Air India Express spokesperson said, “The wingtip of another airline’s aircraft collided with one of our aircraft, which was parked and awaiting clearance to enter the runway in Kolkata for a scheduled operation to Chennai. The aircraft has been crashing” since our return to the Gulf and onwards. There is still further investigation, and we are coordinating with regulators and airport authorities. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to guests due to external circumstances.”

In a report on the incident, Kolkata Airport said, “At 11:10 am, information was received from Air Traffic Control that one of the aircraft IX 1886 (VT-TGG) reported wingtip vortices. Observed wingtip vortices of aircraft IX 1886 are missing And the wingtip vortices are low.” Airplane 6E 6152 has scratches.”

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