A Fort Smith couple has been found guilty of pretending to be fake lawyers

A Fort Smith couple has been found guilty of pretending to be fake lawyers

FORT SMITH, Arkansas – Sebastian County Circuit Court Judge Amy Grimes has entered a guilty verdict against Lee Ann (Annie) Saffer and David Safar on charges of unauthorized practice of law.

The Saffers solicited business for car accident victims on behalf of chiropractors under false pretenses.

“Accident victims are being targeted, and they are suffering the consequences,” Fort Smith attorney Joey McCutchen said.

According to the press release McCutcheon sent to 5NEWS, Saffers has accident claims specialists off Waldron Street in Fort Smith.

The couple used local police reports to find car accident victims as potential clients, McCutchen said. They then contacted the victims and introduced themselves as legal experts able to interpret legal documents and negotiate with insurance companies.

“These chiropractors are paid by chiropractors to get cases of vulnerable people, people who have just been in a car accident. A lot of times, they’ll show up at their house. They’ll call them, they’ll text them. And they do,” McCutchen said. : “Uncompromising.”

He adds that victims are directed to a chiropractor for a referral fee. Several victims testified at trial that Saffer’s family had repeatedly asked them to go to an Arkansas chiropractic group.

“If a runner calls people, they should call the district attorney and give them details, because this happens all over the state,” McCutcheon said.

McCutchen said his law firm plans to file a civil suit against Savers and Arkansas Chiropractic Group.

“Chiropractors pay these people directly for each referral, and I think they also pay them to settle these cases as quickly as possible so the chiropractor can make a quick buck,” he said. “Not all chiropractors are involved in this, but we intend to pursue this matter to stop this predatory practice.”

Arkansas Chiropractic Group sent 5NEWS the following statement:

“Arkansas Chiropractic Group does not condone unauthorized or illegal practices and terminated its relationship with the Saffers immediately upon learning of their arrests and alleged activities. The business owned by the Saffers, “Accident Claims Specialists,” was never owned or operated by the Arkansas Chiropractic Group vertebral column.”

5NEWS reached out to Annie Savre. She declined to comment.

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