A detail-oriented duo: Exclusive Mobile Detailing LLC

A detail-oriented duo: Exclusive Mobile Detailing LLC

MANDAN, N.D. (KXNET) – In this week’s tribute to Black History, we’re featuring a husband and wife with a keen eye for detail.

KX News has more from Exclusive Mobile Detailing LLC in Mandan.

More than 10 years ago, Jerry Bailey and Joyce Brownlee Bailey moved from North Carolina to North Dakota.

“We decided to make a change and start a business,” Brownlee-Bailey said. “Jerry had prior detailing experience, so he was like, ‘Let’s start a mobile detailing business,’ and I was like, ‘I don’t think so,’ but then, we finally got going.”

But despite the challenges that winter in North Dakota presents, they don’t regret the move.

“It’s one of the best decisions we’ve made,” Brownlee-Bailey added.

They started small, handing out cards and relying on word of mouth.

“We started with just a trailer and hooked it up to a Marquis,” Jerry Bailey explained. “I’m sure they saw that around town about six or eight years ago.”

Now, they’ve upgraded. They have a storefront, a decorated trailer, and lots of new customers, which they say is thanks to their social media presence.

“We didn’t know anything about social media when we first started, so Jerry was like, ‘I’ve got to sit down and learn this’ and I was like ‘yeah, you’ve got to learn it,’” Brownlee-Bailey laughed. “He learned everything about all the platforms, and now we’re on all the platforms, and our platforms are working really well, so social media was a good fit for us.”

They’ve spent the last 10 years perfecting their craft and investing in different cleaning methods, and now they’re relying on science.

“If you don’t have a routine in the details, you can’t do it right, and it won’t go right. So we set up a process where we have a routine. I do certain parts of the details, and she does certain parts of the details,” Bailey said.

They say they have faced all kinds of difficulties – whether it’s balancing work and their personal lives or difficult, detailed tasks that take several hours. But when it comes time to return the cars to the owner, they say it’s worth it.

“We kind of stepped back and let them walk around in the car and watch the expression on their faces, the big smiles on their faces,” Brownlee-Bailey said. “It gives us a lot of happiness and a lot of satisfaction, and that’s a lot of what keeps us continuing to do it, given how happy our customers are.”

The Baileys say that if you’re not sure what to get your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day, car detailing is a unique gift they’ll really appreciate.

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