A Crown Point whitetail deer was euthanized after breaking its leg in a car accident

A Crown Point whitetail deer was euthanized after breaking its leg in a car accident

The beloved white deer Snow, often seen around Crown Point, was euthanized after suffering a broken leg in a car accident Monday.

Indiana Department of Natural Resources conversation officers tracked down the white deer Tuesday after it was struck by a car Monday in the 400 block of South Main Street, according to Crown Point police.

She was put on ice Tuesday to get her through her pain.

“Unfortunately, when Indiana Conservation Officers took Snow to the vet, they discovered her fracture was severe,” said Mary Freda Flores, communications director for the city of Crown Point. “The vet said surgery would not solve the problem.” “Consequently, the decision has been made to fire Snow. We will miss Snow’s vision for Crown Point and the joy she brought to our community.”

Crown Point resident Charles Kollar said he saw the rare white deer outside his home about five minutes before the car accident on Monday. He later saw him on Tuesday, limping with what appeared to be a broken leg. Snow settled into his bushes and called the Department of Natural Resources, which told him they had not responded to individual cases of deer needing medical attention, and deer are known to live in the wild with only three legs.

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He then contacted the Crown Point Police Department, which consulted with the DNR and determined the best course of action was to allow Snow to heal in her natural habitat while they monitored her and urged the public to stay away. The decision was later made to intervene and a local wildlife rehabilitation center sought to track her down.

But Snow was seriously injured after being hit by a car.

“Veterinarian Kate Hodson donated her time, medications, a trailer and portable X-rays, and Jasper County Animal Control assisted with equipment in an effort to help save Snow,” Frida Flores said. “Thank you to the veterinarian and Jasper County officials who donated their resources to try to help Snow.”

The white deer has been spotted for years roaming the Crown Point area, occasionally appearing in photos on social media. Also known as “Ghost,” “Casper,” and “Pearl,” he was often seen in backyards, woods, and fields throughout the city.

White deer are extremely rare, according to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

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