90 Day Fiancé’s Josh Weinstein gives a big update about his son’s surgery after a car accident

90 Day Fiancé’s Josh Weinstein gives a big update about his son’s surgery after a car accident


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    Josh Weinstein’s son, Jett, was in a car accident and lost his right leg, but things are improving as he undergoes surgery and begins to wake up.

  • Jett recovers and becomes stronger, asking questions to his parents and arguing with his father, which makes the 90 Day Fiancé star happy.
  • A fundraiser has been set up to help with Jett’s medical expenses and has already raised more than $31,000. Josh maintains a positive outlook as he waits for his son to recover.

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90 Days: The Single Life Star Josh Weinstein revealed the condition of his son after his tragic car accident. Josh is the CEO of a modeling agency called Preview Models and stars in 90 day fiance Imtiaz alongside Natalie Mordovtseva. Natalie started dating Josh after moving to Florida. Continuing her marriage to Mike Youngquist was something Josh would not have preferred. The couple was together when they made their debut Single life Season 4, where Natalie moves to California to be closer to Josh. While their story had its ups and downs, Josh suffered a major setback in real life.

Josh He revealed that his son Jeet was involved in a car accident He lost his right leg, and now has a new update amid major surgery.

Josh Weinstein on 90 Day Fiancé Instagram post about his son, Jett

Thank you to the fans who are sending prayers during this difficult time, Josh said. Josh said, Things are looking up,“When Jeet underwent surgery on the third day. “He will have surgery now but it was a good day and things are looking up for JettJosh said before continuing.Thank you guys, all of you guys for your support. It is greatly appreciatedJosh also reposted an update from his ex-wife Candace Mishler after Jeff came out of surgery on his left leg.


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Josh Weinstein’s son is “bitchy” and argues with him

90 Day Fiance's Natalie Mordovtseva and Josh Weinstein pose with lightning bolts
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Candace stated,Muscles, tissues, veins and nerves“They were gradually recovering and getting stronger. Candice noticed that there was a temporary plate connecting.”The femur has two wound vacancies“It was giving Jett’s left leg time to drain and heal. His vital signs were consistent, and Jett was no longer sedated while awake He asks his parents a lot of questions. Jett asked for a pen and paper to write down his questions. He wanted to know why he had a breathing tube. “He’s feisty and sweet, just like he always was,“Jet’s mother wrote on her Instagram story.

Candace wrote that Jett will rest until early next week until another surgery on his legs is scheduled. His tube was scheduled to be removed on Friday. Jett will be allowed visitors once he becomes comfortable speaking. Meanwhile, Jett’s father Josh smiled when he said that “It was his son”Warn“And you argue with him. “I am happy with that,“Josh said to his Instagram followers in the video. Josh was”pleased“Which Jett was arguing with. The teen was injured in a car accident and had to be airlifted. Josh participated in a fundraiser to raise $50,000 to help ease Jett’s medical expenses.

The fundraiser has helped raise more than $31,000 so far for Jett and his family. Many cast members from 90 Days: The Single Life Other Josh spin-offs are reaching out to fans to send them their prayers for Jett. Josh is very close to his family, especially his children. He always puts them first over Natalie, even though she doesn’t like it. Josh maintains a positive outlook as he waits for his son to recover And I come home. It is unknown if Natalie and Josh are still together or how Jett’s accident will affect Josh’s relationship with her as he deals with the heartbreaking situation.

90 Days: The Single Life

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Sources: Josh Weinstein/Instagram, Josh Weinstein/Instagram

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