4 die in an isolated accident on 120 Bypass

4 die in an isolated accident on 120 Bypass

More than 20 people — including two nearby neighbors — who rushed to pull victims of a fiery crash from a pickup truck on the Route 120 bypass may have helped save the lives of at least three children.

Saturday’s accident at 10:07 p.m. killed four of the seven people in a 2011 Toyota Sienna that was traveling westbound approaching the Van Rijn Street intersection when the driver lost control of the vehicle.

The California Highway Patrol said the minivan veered off the highway and fell into grass and dirt.
The truck, which was traveling at 60 to 65 miles per hour, became airborne, struck the bridge and caught fire as it overturned.

As many as 20 people driving on the bypass left their cars to help the accident victims.

They pushed first to help put the pickup truck upright.

Passers-by pulled four children from the car, three of whom were between six and 14 years old, in addition to an infant.

The infant was one of the four who died at the scene.

The most serious injury was a 6-year-old girl who was transported to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento.

A CHP spokesperson noted that the agency typically advises the public to wait for emergency responders to arrive at the scene, but in this case their actions likely saved lives due to the fire.
An environmental study of upgrades to the 120 Bypass/Highway 99 interchange that will begin this summer indicated that the section of Highway 120 from Highway 99 to Airport Road has an accident rate about 6 times the state average for freeways.

In 2023, the Manteca Fire Department handled 286 calls on the 120 bypass between Interstate 99 and Interstate 5.

That’s an average of once every 30.6 hours for incidents that require calling 9-1-1.

There were two deaths in 2023.

Saturday’s accident was the deadliest in at least 20 years on the Route 120 bypass.

A similar accident occurred where a westbound vehicle swerved into the median on its approach to the Van Rijn crossing last year.

Over the past 15 years, a section of the highway in the westbound lanes that isn’t typically associated with fatalities has had one car run off the road and down an embankment before ending up in a sound wall and another where a semi-truck trailer overturned on Van Ryn Street during a crash. accident.
The planned upgrades in three phases are designed to address congestion and improve traffic flow.

The initial phase, which will take two to three years to complete, includes adding a second transition lane from the eastbound 120 bypass to southbound Interstate 99.

In order to have a smoother transition and to reduce the possibility of backups on the bypass that can normally reach as far west as Union Road during peak travel times, the existing Austin Road bridge is being removed.

This would allow for the construction of an additional transition path – it and the existing path would extend beyond Austin Road

The replacement bridge will also clear railway lines. In doing so, modifications will be made to several Manteca surface streets including Moffat Street and Woodward Street.

Although it is not a city project, Manteca officials are working hard to obtain the necessary funding for the next two phases.

Mayor Gary Singh hopes funding will be provided for phase two to allow it to begin when phase one is complete.

Phase 2 builds a second transition lane from northbound Interstate 99 to the westbound 120 bypass.

The final phase, for which there is no funding allocated, will restore the southbound ramp and northbound ramp on Austin Road with an elaborate extended braided ramp system as well as widen the 120 bypass to six lanes between Interstate 99 and Airport Road.

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