3 types of chemistry Lee Se Young has with Bae In Hyuk, Joo Hyun Young, and Yoo Seon Ho in “Park’s Marriage Contract Story”

3 types of chemistry Lee Se Young has with Bae In Hyuk, Joo Hyun Young, and Yoo Seon Ho in “Park’s Marriage Contract Story”

Actress Lee Se Young has impeccable chemistry with her “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” co-stars Bae In Hyuk, Joo Hyun Young, and Yoo Hyun Young!

Based on the web novel of the same name, “Park’s Contract Marriage Story” is a time-traveling romantic drama about the contractual marriage between bachelor Kang Tae-ha (Bae In-hyuk) and Park Eun-woo (Lee Se-young), who has traveled to modern-day Joseon. In the nineteenth century.

From romantic chemistry to intimate female chemistry, actress Lee Se Young added to the fun of the drama by displaying perfect chemistry with each of her co-stars.

Here are three types of chemistry between Lee Se Young and her co-stars in “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract.”

Tender romantic chemistry with Bae In Hyuk

Yeon Woo tied the knot with Tae Ha (Bae In Hyuk) in the Joseon era, and in the present, she enters into a marriage contract with Tae Ha, who looks exactly like her husband from the Joseon era.

While Yeon Woo was affectionate towards Tae Ha in the Joseon era, she always quarrels with the current Tae Ha, but whenever he goes through difficulties, she becomes a reliable source of support. In particular, as the episodes progress, Lee Se Young convincingly displays Yeon Woo’s deep feelings for Tae Ha, raising expectations about their relationship.

Women’s intimate chemistry with Jo Hyun Young

Yeon Woo and Sa Wool (Jo Hyun Young) delight viewers with their friendship that transcends social status and time. Although their relationship in the Joseon era was that of master and servant, Yeon-woo treats Sa-wol, who came with her into the modern era, like her younger sister. Sa Wool, in turn, has unparalleled devotion to Yeon Woo. The unique relationship between the two creates an intimate atmosphere that encourages viewers to cheer for them.

Yeon Woo trusts and relies on Sa Wol more than anyone else, and together they struggle to return to Joseon, adding fun to the drama. Yeon Woo’s cheerful voice and the beauty that comes out when she is with Sa Wol add to the charm of her bubbly personality.

Chemistry of bickering brothers with Yoo Seon Ho.

Yeon Woo has an unusual chemistry with Tae Min (Yoo Seon Ho), Tae Ha’s rambunctious half-brother. The two had an extraordinary chemistry from their first meeting.

Yeon Woo and Tae Min always bicker when they meet each other, but when Tae Min gets injured, Yeon Woo doesn’t hesitate to take care of him, showing their realistic brotherly chemistry. When they start working together in Midam, viewers can’t help but wonder how their relationship will change in the future.

The next episode of “Park’s Marriage Contract Story” will air on December 15 at 9:50 p.m.

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